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GDPR Policy


This statement was last updated: 18 August


DATA processing:  This Practice is GDPR compliant.


Data Controller & Data Processor: Monique Tobin


I am registered with the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) registration number: ZA167327


I retain a certain amount of information about my clients for the purposes of Speech and Language Therapy.


The information I hold about my clients includes their name, date of birth and relevant contact details. 

I will also record details of medical and developmental history as appropriate and necessary for Speech and Language assessment and therapy. 

The information I collect and retain is for this specific and legitimate purpose only. It is limited and relevant to SLT practice. 


This information is confidential. I will not share any of this information with a third party without your explicit consent, unless needed for child protection purposes. Information will always be in relation to SLT assessment and therapy.


Information will be kept for as long as is needed to fulfil my professional obligations. 


Emails are sent via Gmail which may not be 100% secure. If you would prefer that information is not sent via this platform, please let me know. Sensitive information sent via email will be password protected. 


Information held on devices including Laptops, IPADs and phones is securely held, and is password protected. I engage a Service provider who guarantees secure storage and encryption. 


Hard copies of information are kept securely in locked cabinets and in a locked building. 


In the event of a breach of data security I will notify clients and the ICO immediately when become aware of this. 


You have a right to request to view data held about you, and to withdraw your consent to the retention of your data.  You must give this in writing. 


For more information you can contact me at :


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